What is “Seed to Sale?”

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The term “seed to sale” is often thrown around when discussing tracking marijuana products, but many people are unsure what it means or entails.  The NMI’s Deputy Coordinator Dale Quigley has written a brief paper explaining the term and the process involved.  The paper also includes a description of different types of tracing systems, and the pros and cons of the seed to sale idea.

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Our partners at Project SAM have published a new report providing an overview of the major impacts of increased marijuana use that Colorado and the state of Washington have seen four years after legalizing its recreational use.  Topics discussed in the report include increased youth use, rises in homeless populations, increased crime rates, and impacts on businesses and the workforce.  Read the full report at the Project SAM website.

San Diego HIDTA: California Impact Report

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Our colleagues at the San Diego Imperial HIDTA have published a new report on the impacts of marijuana in the state of California.  All four California HIDTA offices contributed to the report, which has excellent information regarding the current impacts of marijuana, as well as the potential impacts on the state of further expanding access to marijuana. Click here to read the full report.

DEA Will NOT Reschedule Marijuana

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The DEA recently made several significant announcements regarding marijuana.  Most importantly, the agency’s acting administrator has denied two separate petitions to reschedule marijuana.  Under the Controlled Substances Act, marijuana has a schedule 1 classification; this means that it has high potential for abuse, and no currently accepted medicinal use.

The agency also announced that it will allow more research facilities to cultivate marijuana, greatly expanding access to the drug for researchers.  Until now, only the University of Mississippi has been allowed to cultivate and supply marijuana to researchers, so this change will help remove that bottleneck and hopefully expand our understanding of marijuana and its effects.

Rocky Mountain Rebuttal of The Denver Post

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The Rocky Mountain HIDTA has published a rebuttal to an article published in The Denver Post that stated that marijuana use rates among teens were flat.  The article stated that a small increase in use among teens was not statistically significant, and the Rocky Mountain report aims to delve deeper into the available data to present a clearer picture.

Read the Denver Post article here, and RMHIDTA’s rebuttal here.

CBS Interviews Ed Shemelya

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In June of 2016, the NMI’s Ed Shemelya was invited to appear on the morning talk show “Great Day Houston.”  He was asked to stay for the entire hour and discussed several topics, including the medicalization of marijuana, increased hospital admissions due to marijuana, and the implications of rising THC concentrations.

The whole program is available in several segments.  This segment provides a good overview of the most critical issues related to marijuana.